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Travelling Alice hand printed tote bag

Do you love to travel? And do you like to be super organised with your packing? Then Sara of Travelling Alice will have you covered. She creates a beautiful range of hand printed accessories, perfect for travellers and people on the go. From small make-up bags to roomy tote bags, all with a lovely quality and unique hand-printed designs.

1. When and why did you decide to start your own creative business?
I was working full-time in a management position and was getting very frustrated and bored. I needed to be creative and have a new challenge, so I started Travelling Alice two years ago in 2014.

2. Tell us about your business – what products do you create, and why?
My business name came about because I love travelling, and Alice is actually my middle name! I was lucky to be named after my grandmother who taught me how to sew. I make travel bags and accessories that are light, colourful and fun to travel with.

3. What motivates you to run a creative business?
The ability that it allows me to be creative, and make a living from it.

4. What has been the hardest lesson you have learnt so far about working for yourself?
I think not being able to do everything yourself. Running a small handmade business is hard, and without getting help it is easy to get burnt out.

5. Roughly what percentage of time do you spend on the creative side of your business?
About 20 per cent.  I would love to say more, but the manufacturing, administration, customer service and social media sides of the business take up a lot of time!

6. What part of your business have you/or would you like to outsource?
I would like to outsource my accounts – I would just rather be making new designs!

7. What is your top tip for someone thinking of starting an independent design business?
Are you passionate about your business idea? Is it something that excites you to the point that it’s all you think about? Are you willing to do the work? Then do it!

8. What’s the most fun/satisfying part of your working day?
Printing for sure. I love it. I could spend a whole day doing it without taking a break.

9. Who would you most like to collaborate with, and why? Barbara Hepworth, the sculptor. Why? I love the clean lines and different textures that Hepworth created.

10. What are you working on for the year ahead and do you have anything new coming up? Next year I have new screen print patterns coming that I am fine tuning as we speak. And, of course, exciting adventures that will inspire me!

Name: Sara Johnson
Business name: Travelling Alice
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Do you sell wholesale? Yes
Do you ship overseas? Yes
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